Gerald Weinrich for JudgeHello, my name is Gerald (Scott) Weinrich and I want to be the next District Court Judge in Wabasha County. This is a contested race with three candidates, including an incumbent judge.  Welcome to my campaign website.  Spend as much time as you want.  If you have any questions send me an email or contact me by phone.  



I am not running against anyone. I am running for a position I believe I am qualified to serve in.  I want to make a positive  contribution to the lives of the citizens of the 3rd judicial district.  I have no complaint, personal or professional, against the incumbent judge.  I respect his work as an attorney and as a judge.  But the incumbent has had his time in service and I am running in this election because I have the qualities of patience and experience to be of service to the bench and the citizens of 3rd judicial district.


August 9, 2016 – Primary Election.
Because there are three candidates for the Judgeship in Wabasha County there will have to be a primary.  Be sure to vote!